A ministry based on the 5 Keys as taught by Neal Lozano in the book, 
UNBOUND:A Practical Guide to Deliverance.*

It was for freedom that Christ set us free.  Galatians 5:1

What is Unbound Ministry and the 5 Keys?

Imagine yourself in a locked room with five deadbolt locks on the door.  These locks represent  the hurts, disappointments, wounds and rejections you have felt and have taken to heart.  Perhaps they have left you paralized with fear, worthlessness, pride and insecurity. There is Good News!

Have you ever felt stuck in your life or in a relationship?  Have your attitudes, addictions, or uncontrolled or repetitive behaviors kept you bound up and seeing no way out?  Have your past hurts or traumas kept you frozen and unable to move on?  Do you find you blame yourself or others for the things that don't go right in your life?  The 5 Keys can help you unlock those doors and live a life in the freedom Christ won for you on the Cross.  UNBOUND is a Christian, biblically-based ministry, teaching sound Gospel principles which help anyone to access the power of the Gospel.

                                                         The 5 Keys are:

                                              Faith and Repentance
                                              Taking Authority
                                              The Blessing of the Father
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