A ministry based on the 5 Keys as taught by Neal Lozano in the book, 
UNBOUND:A Practical Guide to Deliverance.*

It was for freedom that Christ set us free.  Galatians 5:1

UNBOUND Ministry in New Hampshire

UnboundNH prayer teams are trained in the 5 Keys Prayer Model taught by Neal and Janet Lozano in the UNBOUND:Freedom in Christ conferences and in the book by Neal Lozano, UNBOUND:A Practical Guide to Deliverance.

Neal Lozano has more than thirty years of pastoral experience helping people find freedom in Christ. Through the Lozano's process of training prayer leaders for conferences, the UNBOUNDNH Ministry, and its team, have been trained and equipped to respond to individuals across the State of New Hampshire and beyond our borders.

UnboundNH, with its network of prayer leaders and intercessors, is ready to answer the call of those seeking a GREATER FREEDOM in Christ.  Through the Prayer Model, individuals enter into a gentle process whereby they experience the keys necessary to help them get free and stay free. They also learn how to help a friend.

UNBOUND is a journey to freedom. No one goes on a journey without knowing something about their destination and the means of getting there.  In order to understand the UNBOUND journey, it is recommended that a person seeking freedom read the first nine (9) chapters of the book UNBOUND:A Practical Guide to Deliverance prior to making an appointment for prayer.

The book can be purchased at: www.heartofthefather.com, or by contacting UnbundNH.com.

Also available for groups are the UNBOUND: Freedom in Christ Video Conferences, taped at an actual UNBOUND:Freedom in Christ Conference presented by the Lozanos.  The Video Conference  team is equipped to travel to different locations throughout New Hampshire. Contact us for more information or to be put on our e-mail list.

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